What are the main reasons to use

a private deposit box?

Frequently Asked Questions

Vaultmax Safety Deposit Centre's purpose-built facility is discreetly positioned in a commercial precinct.

Deposit boxes are constructed of solid stainless steel with dual lock system. (you hold  the only keys)

Access is by appointment only.

24 hour off site monitored security.

A private deposit box is for your specific use.

Any personal or business effects may be stored at the premises inside your box.

If you die your private deposit box becomes frozen until such time that the death certificate

has been produced by a person that is lawfully acting on behalf of the estate.

What happens to the contents of my private deposit box if I do not keep up with the payments?

As the private deposit boxes are constructed of solid stainless steel and housed in a solid concrete facility, the risk of fire or flood is minimal.

The reasons for having a private deposit box are many.

  • For the protection of a wide range of valuable items, from fire, flood and theft.

  • Storage of important documentation, personal or business.

  • Storage of sentimental items, valuable items or just to protect from yourself - 'forgetting where you put them'

The list is endless, just as the list of what can be put into your private deposit box.

How safe is a private deposit box?

What can I put in my private deposit box?

See Clause 4.1a of the Terms and Conditions of the Licence Agreement - you may not store liquid, hazardous, dangerous, illegal, stolen, perishable, magnetic, environmentally harmful or explosive goods, or goods that may become a nuisance to any person or the Company unless the Licensee has the express consent

of the Company to do so.

What can't I put inside my private deposit box?

How many private deposit boxes can I have?

We have 4 sizes of private deposit boxes to choose from, any multiple of boxes may be rented provided they are available.

What happens if I lose the key to my private deposit box?

In the case of lost or damaged keys, Vaultmax Safety Deposit Centre will arrange to have your box drilled, locks replaced and new keys issued.

You are responsible for the cost of this service.  See Terms and Conditions of the Licence Agreement.

Do I receive a refund if I end the term prematurely?

Refunds are possible in certain circumstances only.  

See Terms and Conditions in Clause 10 of the Licence Agreement.

What happens to my private deposit box if I die?

I have a Will.

Should the contents of my private deposit box be included?

Vaultmax Safety Deposit Centre suggests you obtain advice from your legal advisers.

Can I arrange for others to access the contents of my private

deposit box?

When you apply for a private deposit box, you have the option to nominate one authorised person to have the same access availability as yourself. 

Are the contents of my private deposit box insured in event of theft or damage?

How safe are the contents of my private deposit box in case of fire,

flood or other disasters?

As the contents of a private deposit box are known only to the key holder, Vaultmax Safety Deposit Centre are unable to offer insurance on the contents.

Some key holders do arrange their own insurance cover.

Vaultmax Safety Deposit Centre will contact the key holder to return keys and remove the contents of the box failing which the Terms and Conditions in Clauses 7(6) and 7(7) of the Licence Agreement will apply.